Friday, August 25, 2006

August Game Selection: New Super Mario Brothers

Most gamers have fond memories of the original Super Mario Brothers, as it came with the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Now with the DS, the classic has been revisited, but with a twist that all previous ports of the mushroom-stomping adventure was lacking. This time around, instead of some graphical tweeks and and some audio upgrades, the actual gameplay has been revamped to include all the toys that we've learned to love in subsequent games in the series, as well as some new stuff that puts the game's fun-factor through the roof.

Aside from being able to use the Tanooki suit from Mario 3, and being able to reenact your favourite Godzilla moves courtesy of the new "Giant Mario" mode, New Super Mario Brothers has retained the spirit of the original Mario series, something that has been somewhat lost in recent years. If this is a suggestion as to the return of Mario to his roots, then I think we can all look forward to great gaming to come for this franchise on both the DS and on the upcoming Wii.

New Super Mario Brothers (Nintendo DS)
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