Friday, June 23, 2006

DVD Selection of the Month - Kingdom Of Heaven Director's Cut

Ridley Scott is well known for his generous director's editions, and this is no exception. With extras getting close to biblical proportions, this movie (which in many minds really missed the mark in its theatrical form) finally gets its chance to shine. Flow is improved drastically, and the balance between history, plot and stunning visuals is on a much more even scale than in its previous incarnation. There's many more improvements, but suffice it to say that this new cut of the movie is a drastic improvement over its predecessor.

Bundled on the accompanying discs is a dizzying collection of featurettes, including the long missing A&E/History Channel documentaries and an exhausting 3 hour/6 part documentary delving into the film’s construction.

On the whole, if you've ever thought about buying a copy of this film, there's no doubt in my mind that this is the addition to buy.

Kingdom of Heaven: Director's Cut

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