Monday, June 11, 2007

Whats Happening on the Sopranos!?

Due to its violent content and school yard language I had refused to watch the Sopranos for years. It wasn’t until my cousin told me that our 80 year old grandmother religiously watched the show (while knitting) that my curiosity was seriously peaked. Straight from the opening theme song I was totally hooked! The musical selection for each and every episode and for the commercials only furthered the intensity of the show for me. In fact, I just picked up Sopranos Vol. 02: Peppers & Eggs: Original soundtrack and Various Composers: #1 Sopranos Album on CD for the car.

On a personal sad note, like I mentioned above I did not join ‘the family’ until much later on in the series. For the past years I have been watching random episodes in syndication trying to piece together the current state of affairs. Now, I can’t wait for my DVDs to arrive to find what happened to Adrienne… I know that she was whacked in one of the episodes but who commissioned the hit and how was she found out. Also, what the hell is going on with AJ? I heard that he tried to drown himself. And why did Tony kill Christopher?

On a final note….Can anybody please tell me what happened on this Sunday’s finale? (I don’t get HBO)

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