Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blockbuster Announces that they will only be expanding Blu-Ray and not HD-DVD

  1. On June 18th Blockbuster announced that they will be phasing out all HD-DVD rentals at all of their retail stores by mid July and in turn solely support Blu-Ray technology.

    So what exactly is Blu-Ray and why is it called that? This format was developed by the Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA) to allow the recording, rewriting and playback on all High Definition videos (HD-DVD). This format also offers more then five times the storage capacity of the customary DVD and can support up to 50GB on a dual layer disc. The name Blu-Ray is derived from the Blue Laser Beam that is used to read the data with superior accuracy then the regular DVD and or CD.

    Blockbuster will still be offering HD-DVD on-line, maybe so they can’t be accused of being in conspiracy with the studios and or the BDA or is their business decision based solely on revenue sharing. (Think rising gas prices) Or maybe Blu- Ray is to HD-DVD as VHS was to Beta? The percentage of Blu-ray rentals vs. HD DVD in the archetypal store and online is 70% Blu-ray vs. 30% HD-DVD and so this decision by Blockbuster may very well be based on consumer needs. In any case this truly is a landmark within the DVD Industry.

    If you are playing to get a Blu-Ray this weekend here are the top 10 Blu-ray sellers:

    1. 300

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