Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wonky Wii Shipping Rates Fixed

It's been a busy week at DVDBoxOffice. As we were waiting for confirmation on some last minute details from Nintendo, our tried and true Customer Service agents were as busy as we've seen them in some time, juggling all the emails and phone calls all wanting to know when we would be listing the Wii for preorder. Then, finally, at about 3 o'clock yesterday, the orders started coming in.

For a moment, it was silent. A little too silent. Then, of course, it happened (as it always does in times like these). A problem. A slight one, it seemed, but it couldn't be that bad, right? Wrong.

"Is this right? Will it really cost $200 to ship this to the UK?"

Well... um... no.

Without hesitation the DVDBO squad donned their secret decoder rings, and within the next few minutes the problem was identified and corrected. A bit more time and the freight charges that had been wrongly applied to confirmed orders had been adjusted to match.

So, to sum up: Due to an oversight on our part, the shipping rates that were applied to the Wii were way off the mark. This has since been fixed. If you've been hesitating on your order because of high shipping rates, you should find that shipping is much more reasonable now. If you had already ordered yours, regardless of the shipping charges on your original order, your frieght charges have been adjusted.

We're very sorry about all the confusion this oversight has no doubt caused, and encourage any one with any questions or concerns in this regard to contact our customer service department.

Hopefully, we'll all be Wii-ing into the wee hours of the morning without any more hiccups on the way to launch day.


Anonymous said...

Well at lest it’s no longer $180.27 but you still seem to be in two minds about what the shipping costs actually are, with two different prices shown for DHL Courier:

I think I’ll be ordering it from elsewhere anyway since DHL’s customs processing fees are way too high and I’ll only order it from somewhere that ships by regular airmail.

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding any store that will ship a console to you by simple airmail. You'd better give up now, actually.

I loathe DHL, particularly because they don't sneak your package through customs (that's 50 euro in the coffers of the man. bastards). But still, bar the customs tax, I find this deal not bad. It's 266 euro incl. shipping, which is 16 euro's more than the UK/EU Wii.

You'll be saving about 10-15 euro per game that you buy CAN/US. Buying five games or accessories quickly evens out the odds! said...

Thank you for your above comments. It's always good to hear what customers think.

In regards to the shipping costs showing up twice, this was a bit of a glich that we caught and fixed just today, and partially because you mentioned it here. So, really, even if you do order elsewhere, we are glad for your comments as it helps us serve you better.

In regards to customs charges, this is something I have personally felt the sting of all over the place too-- even on stuff that was sent to me from the US that was mine to begin with (a sweater I'd forgotten at a friend in Detroit's house). If there's a way around customs charges, I'd love to hear about it ;)

Thanks again for your comments.
Stacey (DVDBO Blog Editor)

Anonymous said...

You could offer a FedEx shipping option. FedEx'ed parcels are less likely to be hit by customs charges.

Anonymous said...

Stacey, do you have any estimate as to when you'll offer Wii accessories such as controllers and Wii point cards? said...

RE: Controllers and whatnot.

We've entered a few of these items on our site, so they should be showing up online in the next24 hours or so. You can't order them as yet, but you can sign up for notification so you'll know as soon as they do come available.


Check out our Wii FAQ here:

And give us some feedback on this idea we've been batting around the office...