Friday, September 22, 2006

September Game Selection: Company of Heroes

We all remember Saving Private Ryan. The gritty realism, the attention to each macabre detail, they were all present for we viewers to take in. Now, let's take that experience and put it in game form. Now let's call that game Company of Heroes. We won't have to, though, because the good people at THQ have done it for us.

Put together by the same squad that brought us Warhammer 40K, Company of Heroes has a lot of the same addictive qualities that makes that series so addictive. The graphics and sound are truly top notch, as expected, but it's the attention to detail that really has this game standing out from the crowd that is the Real Time Strategy genre. This is not hindered by the game's slower pace and greater emphasis on tactics over building efficiency. What this really amounts to is a game that is basically the ideal RTS for strategy junkies.

A bit of a caveat on this one though, there's a good bit of naughty language on this one-- so much in fact that player boards feature more than a few posts from players speaking out about the quantity of profanity and potential racial slurs in the game's soundtrack. Whether or not this is a wholly bad thing, though, has yet to be seen. We are talking about a war game, after all, and if a few curse words can't make cameos in a game which features bodies being blown out of buildings, then where can they?

Company of Heroes
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