Monday, July 24, 2006

July Editor's Pick (CD): Sam Roberts: Chemical City

To a lot of people, rock hasn't been the same since the onslaught of the 1980's. To those people, may I present a young upstart from Quebec by the name of Sam Roberts. While his first release, 2004's We Were Born in a Flame, garnered local fame and fortune in the form of a few Junos and MuchMusic awards, he still remains a bit of an unknown on the international music scene.

His new release, Chemical City, is something guaranteed to catch the eye of classic rock fans new and old. Not only does it encapsulate the essence of old school rock --the wall of noise, the epic anthems, the unforgettable hooks--, but he's also gotten the style right. The packaging and artwork alone channel that of the 70's LP, fitting in with the foldouts accompanying mainstays like Houses of the Holy.

Indeed, this is no genre to be trifled with, and Roberts' work here is an homage to all that was good and grand in the genre.

Sam Roberts: Chemical City

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