Wednesday, February 22, 2006

February Book Editor's Selection: V for Vendetta by Alan Moore

V for Vendetta is a ten-issue comic book limited series or maxiseries, later collected as a graphic novel, written by Alan Moore and illustrated mostly by David Lloyd, set in a dystopian future Britain where a mysterious anarchist works to destroy the fascist government and profoundly affects the people he encounters. He simply goes by 'V'; no one is quite sure of his identity, as his mask is never removed.

"I've read George Orwell's 1984 a few times. I always loved it as an important piece of fiction at the very least, but I have never enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed this graphic novel. They share many things, including the basic premise of a totalitarian regime. What makes V for Vendetta so enthralling (rather that terrifying, as is Orwell's classic) is the amount of involvement to be found by the reader within the images, dialogue and overall substance of the novel. The book is littered with ciphers and references to both the letter "V" and its roman numerical counterpart, "5". David Lloyd's illustrations are crammed with both clues and red herrings, involving the reader in what becomes a game of whit and ingenuity. The book becomes an experience in itself; a joy to read, as unsettling as its story may be." Stacey Dowswell, Book Editor

V for Vendetta (Paperback) $31.95cad
V for Vendetta (Hardcover) $39.95cad

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